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With winter fast approaching, dermatologists will tell you that the risk of dehydration of the skin is much greater. Although most people don't reach the acute dehydration stage, outdoor activities in biting winds and deep frosts still take their toll causing dehydration that leads to dry skin that prematurely ages. A dermatologist has recommended using a Shielding Lotion, along with increased water, electrolyte and mineral intake to improve the hydration of both skin and body.

"Dehydration comes from within mostly, so you have to make certain that you get enough fluids," says dermatologist Dr. Lisa Benest, "In addition to drinking more water, take in natural things that have extra minerals, like fruit and vegetables. The key is to get a good balance of those electrolytes and minerals, rather than just water and pills. You can drink a ton of water, but without the electrolytes, you can still be dehydrated."

Using a Shielding Lotion can increase the skin's ability to attract and retain moisture, leaving skin healthier and younger looking. A recent study found that the Shielding Lotion SKIN MD Natural, with its sheer elegant formula, showed a remarkable ability to increase its moisturising properties when compared to heavier, greasier creams and oils that had to be reapplied frequently. SKIN MD Natural does not wash or wear off, and can eventually after regular use, give up to 24 hours complete protection.

"Our skin really benefits from moisturising all year round", adds Dr Benest. "During the summer people are enjoying water sports, taking more showers and swimming in chlorinated pools, all of which dries out the skin quicker, but in the winter the skin has to endure dryer air and hostile inclement conditions. Skin that is dehydrated looks older but regular use of a Shielding Lotion helps to minimise the water loss from the skin and helps it to look years younger."

Dr Benest also warns people with certain skin conditions, such as eczema and dermatitis or those with chronically dehydrated skin, to take greater care, as they are more predisposed to dehydration. Letting the skin become too dehydrated can lead to more problems and causes any existing dry skin condition to worsen.

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