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A Breakthrough Skin Care Product that might well be just what Psoriasis Sufferers need

Is a cure for psoriasis on the way? Recent research identified genes that are pivotal in its development. The key, according to scientists, lies in the integrity of the skin barrier. More research is still needed and once completed, a cure may be formulated. In the meantime, psoriasis sufferers need relief. Thousands of doctors are now recommending shielding lotion - a breakthrough skin care product that might well be just what psoriasis sufferers need.

The research, conducted in China and published in the July 25 issue of Nature Genetics, was the third study to verify this genetic basis for psoriasis. The function of the genes under investigation is to monitor cellular proteins in the outermost layer of the skin.

This layer consists of dead skin cells, oils and fats. It protects the underlying tissue, preventing the absorption of pollution and other harmful bacteria and toxins. This enables the skin to hold the natural moisture necessary for healthy skin.

However, genes aren't the only factors that destroy the skin barrier. Exposure to harsh weather - too cold, too hot or too dry - and skin care products that contain harmful chemicals are among the most common causes of skin problems.

Skin care products are especially damaging since the vast majority of them contain chemicals that actually cause dry skin. This is true even for traditional moisturizers - which you would expect to do exactly the opposite.

A good shielding lotion, on the other hand, bonds with the outer layer of the skin to form a new protective layer that keeps out chemicals and keeps in natural moisture. This enables the skin to virtually heal itself.

Here's what one user had to say about this skin care product. "I have been suffering with psoriasis on my hands for over two years now. I have tried pretty much every product available, from Vaseline to topical creams my dermatologist prescribed... While shopping, I noticed a small bottle of shielding lotion in the checkout lane, I thought, what the heck, I'll try it. I AM SO GLAD I DID!!! I think you may have the cure! The shielding lotion has made such an incredible improvement to my psoriasis condition that I am utterly astonished. My hands look and feel like hands again! In just 2 short days. The frustration, irritation, and embarrassment of psoriasis has been such a source of stress for me. I am so glad I found your product."

Science moves slowly, and it may take quite a while for a cure to be developed. Until then, give shielding lotion a try. You may find that this revolutionary skin care product is all you really need.

Skin Care Keeps Hands Looking Youthful

Women today are very conscious of protecting their skin and striving for a younger, healthier complexion. '60 is the new 40,' they say. Women like Jane Fonda and Susan Sarandon do indeed look years younger than they are. We visit spas and salons for laser treatments and facials, but often neglect our hands. The average woman's hands are exposed to sun and harsh weather and years of minor scrapes and cuts. Everyday use of water and detergents can make our hands age much faster than other parts of our bodies.

When you make that resolution to start a new skin care treatment, remember to give your hands a lift too. With the breakthroughs in skin care you can rejuvenate your hands and restore their youthful appearance. Here are some tips for beautiful hands.

Try Skin MD Natural™ and see how successfully a SHIELDING LOTION can improve your skin

Shielding Lotions are different from conventional lotions. These generally perform only one function, they replace the skin's natural moisture with artificial moisture.

A shielding lotion treats dry skin and similar skin conditions more effectively because it forms a bond with the outer layer of the skin and therefore acts as a protective barrier. This keeps prevents irritants from damaging your skin but allows your own natural oils and moisture in.

Try Skin MD Natural™ and see how successfully a SHIELDING LOTION can improve your skin.

Using A Shielding Lotion As A Anti-Aging And Dry Skin Treatment Helps With Winter Dehydration

With winter fast approaching, dermatologists will tell you that the risk of dehydration of the skin is much greater. Although most people don't reach the acute dehydration stage, outdoor activities in biting winds and deep frosts still take their toll causing dehydration that leads to dry skin that prematurely ages. A dermatologist has recommended using a Shielding Lotion, along with increased water, electrolyte and mineral intake to improve the hydration of both skin and body. Click here to read more...

Read some of our user testimonials

We have been using Skin MD for about a month now. I noticed that my skin felt softer and my Psoriasis stopped being itchy and became much less scaly. My Psoriasis is on my head so hair products semed to make it worse. The shielding properties of Skin MD Natural™ really seemed to protect my scalp. I noticed I wasn't scratching my head nearly as much nd started seeing less flaking. Click here to read more...

The Dry Skin Care Lotion that Protects Against Dry Skin

Frequent hand washing and exposure to harsh irritants are leading causes of dry skin. A good dry skin care product should do more than just replace lost moisture; it should prevent dry skin from occurring. Skin MD Natural shielding lotion is water resistant, protecting hands from dry skin caused by hand washing, dish washing, and exposure to cleaning products.

"Every day our skin is exposed to numerous chemicals and irritants just in everyday life - you don't have to be working in chemicals or with cleaning fluids to have that happen. Skin care and skin treatment is important in today's polluted environment." Dr. Lisa Benest, certified dermatologist.

Psoriasis Lotion Lessens Need for Prescription Steroid Creams

Psoriasis is an incurable inflammatory disease of the immune system.

Dermatologists commonly prescribe topical steroid creams despite the number of negative side effects reported. The use of these creams have also been linked to causing a thinning of the skin, periorial oral dermatitis, enlarged blood vessels, and easy bruising of the skin.

The use of a shielding lotion can help reduce the amount of steroid cream needed to effectively treat a flare-up.

Key to improving the quality of life experienced by patients is a management and treatment plan that reduces symptoms coming with a lifetime of flare-ups. Symptoms of psoriasis include red or silver patches of scales, skin lesion, and dry cracked skin prone to itching, burning and bleeding. A shielding lotion such as Skin MD Natural locks in the skins own natural moisture reducing dry skin and other symptoms experienced.

Leading Dermatologists are Recommending and Using Skin MD Natural

Skin MD Natural shielding lotion is being recommended for dry skin and other skin conditions because of its high quality natural ingredients, lack of harsh chemicals, and proven effectiveness. The hydrating protective shield that Skin MD Natural provides helps strengthen and restores the natural skin barrier allowing skin to heal itself. Skin MD Natural lotion is a name you can trust for skin care products that are safe, gentle, and non-irritating.

Read what Doctors are saying about Shielding Lotions

An impressive array of professional dermatologists and doctors are recommending the use of Shielding lotions: Dr. Lisa Benest (Board Certified general and cosmetic dermatologist); Dr. Peter Helton (Dermatologist); Arnold H. Stern (D.D.S.); Dr. Brian Zogg (Dermatologist); Dr. Rozalia Kovelman (Board Certified Dermatologist); Dr. Vern Rookh (PhD. Physiologist and biochemist); Dr.Peter Solo (OD). Find out more.

Prevent Dry Skin With Protection That Lasts

Almost everything you do can cause dry skin. Spending time in the kitchen, washing your hands frequently while cooking, doing the dishes and cleaning can leave hands dry and irritated. Over exposure to water and chemicals damages the skin's natural protective barrier and strips the skin of essential moisturizing oils. Skin MD Natural is water resistant to provide unbeatable dry skin protection even through frequent hand washing.

When gardening your hands are often in the dirt and can come into contact with some dangerous chemicals. Skin MD Natural helps prevent the absorption of toxins and irritants while keeping skin silky soft.

The weather can also reek havoc on your skin. Harsh winds can chap and dry skin causing it to become uncomfortable. Protect against the elements with a shielding lotion.

Mad About Makeup Blog Review

"Skin MD Natural contains dimethicone, which is also in many of the popular face primers. From what I can gather, it's what gives the silky, velvety effect to skin. With that in mind, I have also used this as a face primer/moisturiser combo and have to say it held up pretty well! Plus, combining 2 steps in my morning routine is always a winner!"

Heather from Mad About Makeup Blog

My feet on are on their way to full recovery and softer skin

"After just a few days of using Skin MD Natural, I noticed that my skin did indeed felt more hydrated, especially my heels where the skin is rough, cracked and dry. They no longer have the dry and hard outer skin that always prompts me to peel the skin off, but instead, are on their way to full recovery and softer skin."

Jessie from Beauty Loves Blog

I'm sold on this product!

"I tried Skin MD Natural on my right hand and my regular moisturizing lotion on my left hand for 4 days and after 1 day I could feel the difference and after the 4 days the hand with the Skin MD Natural looked younger, felt smoother and was much softer! I'm sold on this product!"

Dianne, Something Snappe Blog

I felt like I didn't need a primer anymore

"I applied Skin MD Natural to my face before putting on my makeup and my skin felt so smooth. I felt like I didn't need a primer anymore. I've also mixed this with my foundation to make a tinted moisturizer."

Marie Elizabeth, Mabeths Makeup Blog

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