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Alleviate Symptoms Of Psoriasis With Treatment.

Effective psoriasis treatment can alleviate the symptoms whilst there is no known cure. Steroids like cortisone are often prescribed by Doctors, but these can have side effects and the less you have to use them, the better.

Dr. Peter Helton, dermatologist, explains "We prescribe a combination of steroids to handle the inflammation along with a moisturising cream, a shielding lotion like Skin MD Natural combines the medication with a sealant that keeps irritants out and helps the skin to heal. So we get faster results and the patient has to use less medication. Hands down, a shielding lotion works better than any conventional cream."

What users say about shielding lotions as a Psoriasis treatment:

Jan Gustafson:

"I am so amazed by this product I am compelled to write you! I have been suffering with psoriasis on my hands for over two years now. I have tried pretty much every product available, from Vaseline to topical creams my dermatologist prescribed. Of all of them, Vaseline was about the best, however I never really noticed an improvement. More than anything it was just soothing. While shopping at Michael's two days ago, I noticed a small bottle of your product in the checkout lane, I thought, what the heck, I'll try it.

I AM SO GLAD I DID!!! I think you may have the cure! The shielding lotion has made such an incredible improvement to my psoriasis condition that I am utterly astonished. My hands look and Feel like hands again! In just 2 short days. The frustration, irritation, and embarrassment of psoriasis has been such a source of stress for me. I am so glad I found your product. I want more and you can bet I will be sure and tell everyone I know about this "MIRACLE in a bottle".

Will Greenleaf:

"Due to the job-related stress (I am a middle school English teacher) my psoriasis flared up and nothing could control it. I would find blood on papers I was passing out, and my fingers would split so badly I couldn't type. For the last two years I have tried every lotion I could, and some very strong psoriasis prescription creams. I have used lotions, creams, Vaseline, aloe vera, pure lanolin, vitamin E, gab balm, Neosporin, anything and everything. Nothing could control it. My skin does not produce enough oils to keep it supple, so it splits.

Then my doctor gave me your product to treat my psoriasis. I used it twice a day for three days and my hands healed! I ordered a gallon of it from you. The shielding lotion seals my skin so that what little oil my skin produces is not lost. Unlike lotions, which cannot penetrate to the lower skin layers, MY OWN OIL is healing my skin. What can be a more natural lotion than the oils MY BODY produces?

This is an excellent product, thank you!"



Psoriasis Before treatment

Psoriasis before treatement

Psoriasis Before treatment

Psoriasis after treatment

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