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Dry Skin Care Treatment - Naturally.

A variety of factors can cause Dry Skin: outdoor activities, harsh weather, disease and exposure to harmful chemicals and environmental toxins. International research has Recently shown that damage to the protective outer layer of your skin is one of the main reasons however. Skin damage can then allow many problems - itching, cracks, premature aging, wrinkles and a dry, unhealthy look. It is not possible for most of us to avoid the weather and the environment, so taking good care of your skin with a natural skin care routine should become one of your most important daily routines.

"Harsh weather conditions in both summer and winter can cause dehydration," explains Dr. Peter Helton, dermatologist, "Constant washing of the hands, exposure to chemicals and irritants in the environment are other major causes. Once the natural protective shield on the skin is destroyed you are open to dry skin problems and irritation of the skin. A natural skin care product like shielding lotion will give the best results."

An Effective Natural Skin Care Treatment - Shielding Lotions.

To enable the skin to heal and return to its healthy condition you have to lock in the moisture and oils, which are below the outer layer of skin, that protect it from irritants in your environment. A shielding lotion is a brand new type of natural skin care treatment. It is based on new technology that blends moisturisers with a light silicone material, which is like a liquid shield that bonds with the surface of your skin.

Replacing this protective shield is what helps to heal the skin. It keeps your own natural moisture in, and the moisture depleting irritants out. With conventional lotions you have to re-apply regularly to get any benefit. They will come off when you rub or wash your hands, but a shielding lotion bonds with the outer layers of skin and lasts for at least four hours. It will protect your skin and keep your own moisture locked in. It is the ultimate natural skin care treatment.

When the protective layer on your skin has been stripped away, by harsh weather conditions in winter or summer, soaps or chemicals, the capacity of the skin to moisturise itself is reduced leaving your skin to dry out. This is one of the major contributing factors to skin showing signs of ageing. Natural skin care with a shielding lotion holds in your own natural moisture, keeping your skin smooth and supple.

"I know a good moisturizing product. I am 47 and they say 40 is the new 30. This product is going to help me retain my youth for the rest of my life. I can't imagine being without this natural skin care miracle. I'm going to age so slowly as a result of Skin MD Natural. That's just the bottom line."

Joan LeBlanc - Former employee of Estee Lauder and Clinique Cosmetics



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