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Skin Saver

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you in on what we used your product Skin MD for.

Last year my husband was to go through treatment for tongue cancer and was to receive radiation 37Xs and chemo.

I had used Skin MD for myself, and after doing much research decided rather than buy aloe and Jergens as recommended by our radiologist we would use this product.

He used it religiously after every treatment several times a day, starting immediately after completing a round of radiation.

At the third week the radiology team noticed his skin was not blistering and peeling like most and commented on it. At week 5 radiologists assistant asked what he was doing that he was very "lucky" not to have burn, blistering and peeling. I told her what we were using and actually showed her a bottle. Needless to say they were amazed. We were just happy he didn’t have the skin issues other people with his same treatment were going through. His chemo nurse kept commenting on it, and when I encountered a patient going through neck radiation I gladly told them about your product. It was a life/skin saver. We will use it faithfully from now on, I even bought the Skin MD with sunscreen.

If this information helps anyone going through any kind of radiation treatment it’s worth it to pass it along.

Thank you for developing such a wonderful product.

Diane & Rodney Perry 30/05/13

Dear Skin MD Natural:

I purchased my very first bottle of Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion + Sunscreen about a week ago and I am sold on it and will never buy another sunscreen or facial lotion again.

I purchased it because I am a vegetarian and was looking for a sunscreen that contained no animal ingredients and had not been tested on animals. There was a sampler bottle out, so I tried a little bit, loved the fact that it didn't have a smell and felt soft on my skin, not oily or greasy, and decided to purchase a bottle.

At age 33, I still have oily and extremely acne prone skin, and any facial moisturizer or sunscreen I have ever tried, even those that are made for acne prone skin, has made things worse for me and left an oily residue behind.

The minute I put your product on my face, I knew I was in love with it. My skin seemed to "drink" the lotion - it just disappeared into my skin, and left no oily-ness or stickiness behind. I put my make-up on over it, and it worked GREAT with my make-up- didn't cause it to change colours or look blotchy the way other moisturizers and sunscreens have.

It feels so light, I don't feel like I have anything on my face at all.

I've been using it for about a week now; and not only has it not worsened my acne like other products have; but my acne is actually going away. The oily-ness of my skin seems to be balancing out and it feels soft and more consistent without oily patches here and dry patches there, and the fine lines around my eyes and mouth are softer and less noticeable.

My skin LOVES this product and so do I. It seems too good to be true that I have finally found a moisturizer/sunscreen that fits in with my vegetarian lifestyle (no animal ingredients in it), and also is good for my skin. I feel like I have found a treasure at the end of a rainbow.


Brandy Fonville

All Hail Queen Mommy Blog

Skin cancer runs amok amongst my family. My younger sister, mother, aunt and grandmother have all had it removed and since it first reared its ugly head , I have been adamant about not going outside without lathering myself in sunscreen. It's earned me the nickname 'Transparent Girl', but I'll have the last laugh when I'm older and still have the skin of a baby and I'm surround by women who look like Magda's body double in , 'There's Something About Mary'!

Anyway, the thing I hate most about having to use sunscreen and lotions with SPF is the 'greasiness' factor. Not only does it feel gross on my skin, it clogs my pores.

Skin MD Natural™ SPF15 is a great alternative to all those sunscreens and creams that leave your skin in a mess and that don't really do anything for you but block the sun's rays. I was lucky enough to try their shielding lotion and was extremely impressed. It wasn't greasy, it kept the sun at bay, and it actually made my skin look great! It glides on so smoothly and absorbs into my skin with no problems. I noticed within just a few days that a few of my dry skin problem areas were beginning to vanish and my hands were reaping the benefits too.

Emily - Busy Mon Reviews Blog

When I first tried a Shielding didn't feel like a lotion at all! It isn't think and sticky like most lotions. It is a hydrating, thin, silky and smooth lotion that dries quickly. The bottle says for hands, body and face but I was hesitant to try it out on my face. I get acne easily and sometimes lotions are a cause of it. I replaced my daily moisturiser with shielding lotion before applying make up and I could tell the difference rght away. My makeup didn't feel caked on and my face felt light and airy! I didn't realise that my daily moisturiser was weighing me down!

Skin MD Natural™ really is a "skin care breakthrough", and this is one product I would recommend.

Shannon - Potamus Prefers Blog

We have been using Skin MD for about a month now. I noticed that my skin felt softer and my Psoriasis stopped being itchy and became much less scaly. My Psoriasis is on my head so hair products seemed to make it worse. The shielding properties of Skin MD Natural™ really seemed to protect my scalp. I noticed I wasn't scratching my head nearly as much and started seeing less flaking.

I also like it that SPF15 is added to it. I put this on my boys and me every day for extra protection and moisture when we go to the park...

Brandon C

Usually whenever I go to the beach I get sunburned even if I use sunblock. But this time I put on the Skin MD Natural™ SPF15. I played volleyball, went swimming and was out in the sun for 4 hours. I re-applied it one after swimming and not only did I not burn at all but I also got a nice tan. This stuff works!


"I have never been so excited and pleased with a product before. I went online once again trying to find something for my feet, face and legs. I am a diabetic and my legs and ft are so very dry and getting worse. I have rosacea and everthing breaks my face out. When I got my bottle I first tried some on the back of hands. The next day I tried it on my feet. And two days later they are still smooth. The first thing that worked. I have some skin conditon on my legs for years and nothing helped. it looks like ezcema. So I will try it on my legs next.

I have many health problems and have been disabled since 1990 from my nursing job. So this product will help with many problems. I am on a fixed income or I would buy this by the gallon. I am going to tell my dr about it next time I go. And even take her a sample so she can try it. Then reccomend it personally if she likes it. I am sure she will. It is like a wonder drug!!!!!! And like no lotion I ever tried. I was getting up to the bathroom during the night and reapplying whatever lotion I was using at the time. And also baby lotion. Nothing helped.

After 2 days of using skinmd on my face the wrinkles on my forehead have softened.

Just can't say enough about this. And will share with others how well it works.

It only takes a small amount but I have alot of areas to cover. And I am a large woman. But sure will buy it as I can. Please add my name if you have a mailing list and ever have a sale. Thank you for a wonderful product".

United Kingdom

"I just want to thank you so much for this fantastic product. I've suffered from eczema since a baby, and at worst been in hospital covered in wet wraps and steroids. It was especially upsetting for me, when, at 20, I developed eczema on my face. Icould no longer tolerate makeup and every cream I tried caused a reaction. It was with a great deal of skepticism that Ibought a bottle of skin md, but it sounded different to other things I've tried. The first thing that shocked me was the fact that it didn't cause a reaction on my face and my skin lost its usual tightness. My husband, who had developed severe dermatitis on both hands, was almost clear after a week of using the lotion, and my steroid use has lessened considerably. Ihave now just ordered my third bottle from You have, in short, given me my life back! I recommend this product to everyone I know, and when they see first hand my improved skin, they all want a bottle. I have promoted it on the internet on eczema discussion boards, because I know how soul destroying eczema can be, and if this just helps one person, it will be worth it."

Hiren Ashra
United Kingdom

"I ordered Skin MD last year and I have to say it certainly is more effective than any other type of lotion I have tried in the past.

I live in the United Kingdom and work in a very dusty archive room in the British Library. My eczema is very reactive to dust and it was hell until I started putting on Skin MD. My skin felt more secure and I had less itchy outbreaks. The eczema is bad around my neck and face and it's hard to cover those areas in day to day life. Even though my eczema stems internally, at least I have good knowledge knowing that my skin is being looked after externally. Having the lotion on felt like a secure blanket over those areas and my day goes smoothly without any or very mild irritations.

I have ordered two more bottles to last me for a longer period so that my skin can heal longer and faster without any missed days of putting on the lotion.

Thanks to all the guys at Skin MD Natural!!"

Anita Carson,
Advertising Director
Expression Magazine:

"As promised, I wanted to share my story with you about my experience with your Skin MD Natural lotion. It has me in such awe that it would be a shame not to relate it to you in writing.

You were kind enough to send me a sample bottle of your shielding lotion after I'd called you to let you know that I would be placing a product release in our upcoming issue's new product showcase. Upon receipt of your sample bottle of shielding lotion I began using it on a regular basis. I simply kept the bottle on my office desk and applied it throughout the day. Though I liked the way it made my hands feel, I didn't really give much conscious thought to the healing properties of this lotion. That is, until sometime last week when I reached down to instinctively touch a dry, chapped spot on my left hand knuckle with which I've lived for the past ten years. Despite use of many expensive products, I've never been able to alleviate this dry and cracked spot on my left hand. As is the case with many women, I've spent a small fortune on quality face and body treatments in an effort to stave off signs of aging and drying. And though I've been pleased with how many of the products feel, none have ever been able to remove the dry spot on my left hand.

It would amaze you then to find that this dry patch on my left hand has completely disappeared! I couldn't find a trace of this rough area and my skin felt soft. The Skin MD Natural shielding lotion didn't just diminish the dry completely removed it!! Being a skeptic at heart, I probably wouldn't have believed a story such as this had it been told to me. Believe me, no one is harder to convince than me so I found it absolutely amazing that there was anything on the market that can work so efficiently and miraculously!

Needless to say not only do I want to do a product release of this incredible lotion in my magazine but I want to do everything I can to promote this product to our readers, family members, friends and co-workers. Your product is truly an amazing one and would be of great benefit to those artists and crafters in our industry who utilize solvents, adhesives, paints and other skin irritants. A product which not only keeps your skin moist but is able to completely alleviate dry and cracked skin is indeed something to get excited about! You can expect my complete support and count me in as long time customer.

Thank you again for introducing me to your product. I know our readers will love this product as much as I do. I will definitely have to get a large supply so I don't run out!"

Jennifer Anderson,
Clearwater, FL:

"My hands were dry from doing the dishes (and 5 years of changing diapers and washing up after babies!) so I decided to put on Skin MD Natural while I was running out the door. A few minutes later (literally) I looked at my hands and I could not believe the difference. My hands not only felt, but looked like they did when I was in my 20s! I was so excited I immediately called my sister to find out where I could get more of the lotion. It is truly a spectacular product."

Gena Bloemendaal,
Associate Editor
Sew News magazine:

"Living in a dry climate, I've tried various lotions and creams to keep my hands soft, but they often left a greasy residue and would wash off, exposing my skin to further damage. Then I tried Skin MD Natural and was truly amazed! My hands were soft, yet not greasy. And after just one application, they felt hydrated...just like pouring water into (not onto) my skin. The softness lasted through dish washing and several hand washings, and my skin is noticeably smoother. Skin MD Natural has significantly improved my skin health.

In my line of work, I'm exposed to many types of fabrics and threads that dry skin and cracked hands can easily snag. Lotions and creams have been temporary solutions, but leave a greasy residue on fabric and equipment. Skin MD Natural is truely a lifesaver! After just one application, my hands were smooth and soft, and there was no residue. Even more amazing was that Skin MD Natural remained effective through several hand washings. Thank you for a great product! I'll definitely endorse this product!"

Ed Goodman,
A Licensed and Certified Athletic Trainer and a PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors of America) Certified Ski Instructor and a part time police officer:

"The fact that I live up at almost 10,000 feet where the air is extremely dry and harsh on my hands is bad enough, but when you add the facts that I have an 18 month old son and also a job that requires me to wash my hands constantly these lead to dry and painfully chapped hands. As I have been using Skin MD Natural for the past month I have not had these problems.

Skin MD Natural works great! I will be strongly suggesting to all my colleagues who suffer from chapped and painful hands that they should be using Skin MD Natural! Once they try it they will also be convinced of its benefits."

Linda Sereda,
A Jewelry Designer:

"All my life, I've had dry hands. For the most part, I don't mind it but sometimes my hands are so dry, they are as rough as sandpaper and snag my clothes. When they get like that, they really bother me. I then put lotion on them to try to soothe them." Linda also wrote, "Over the years, I've tried at least 30 different lotions and creams, probably more. None of them worked to moisten my hands for more than 2 minutes. That is, until I tried Skin MD Natural.

On the first application, my hands stayed moist for 90 minutes. On the second application, it was 4 hours. After that, it was a day, then 3 days. When I work a lot with paper, which just sucks the moisture right out of my hands, I need to use it twice or three times a day but otherwise, I hardly need to use it at all and my hands stay just how I like them. Now, that is truly a miracle! I also really like the fact that it is fragrance free and contains mostly natural and organic ingredients."

Kathy Didcoate,
Glendale, CA:

"I have to tell you this as I am so impressed. I had eczema and psoriasis in my 20's and again in my 40's. I was covered with it but got over it after some years with homeopathic treatment - however my skin remained ruined like leather especially my hands and was extremely sensitive to detergents and soap and other toxins. I would just break out in red itches. It's no fun being over 40 but having 80-year-old hands. I tried to handle the dryness with various hand lotions several times a day which of course would wash off and often were greasy, leaving my fingerprints all over the expensive glossy designs I was working with.

I found that I only needed to put it on once a day instead of three times a day with other products. And after about a week I saw a felt a remarkable difference in my hands - they were soft and stayed soft! I had to look and feel them twice - were these actually my hands? Yes. It had enabled my skin to become soft from within. It's now got to the stage where I sometimes forget to put it on daily as I don't have that nasty dry skin to remind me. My hands now look so much younger - and it works on my elbows and feet too. So - thank you for Skin MD Natural."

Rhoda Cores,
from Morton, IL:

"The lotion is very silky feeling. I tried it yesterday and today and was impressed about how long the softness lasted. I rubbed it into my skin on my hands this morning and even after several washings they are still soft. I will keep you informed as I use it to protect my hands from the severe cold weather here in central Illinois. I hope it will keep my fingers from cracking this winter."

Three weeks later she wrote:

"I just wanted to let you know that this has been the best year for my hands that I can remember. I use Skin MD Natural every morning and have had very few cracks on my fingers. Ya!!!"

Skin MD Natural + SPF15: combined benefits of shielding and sunscreen lotions.

London, UK

"I have a crazy job which makes me run a lot, fly around the world and keeps me busy, busy, busy.... So, imagine how much time I have to take care of my skin. And it use to cost me a lot, this red & grey, unhealthy looking face. Being a relationship manager I face customers daily. And I don't really want them to know that I had a sleepless night, a long flight and a dozen chocolates when they get to see me for a very first time.

Expensive solutions I tried were nowhere near to Skin MD Natural + SPF15. You know, I simply apply it on my face before I go to sleep, then each morning, and whenever I fly. My skin looks beautiful. No allergy, no itching, no disappointment. There is no second chance to make a first impression. This is why I've chosen SMDN that never lets me down."

Nine More Months Blog

I wouldn't consider myself as someone who has acne. But I would say that I occasionally get pimples. Usually only one or two at a time. But regardless of the amount, it's still frustrating. I don't use acne products on my face. I find that they either don't work at all, or make me break out worse. My face cleanser is just a plain, all-natural, foaming soap. This product goes along perfectly with the cleanser that I use!

You don't need to slather this all over your face either. I put a small dab on my fingertip, and it was more than enough for my entire face and neck area. The directions tell you that a little goes a long way, and that is the truth! I'd also like to mention, that a short time after putting this on my face, I noticed a difference in my skin. First of all, it is so smooth and soft. Not greasy or oily. Secondly, I'm usually a little pink around the cheeks and nose, but it wasn't there at all. I put this on before I had showered, so later when I did shower, I was surprised to find out that I did not need to reapply! My face is still soft and hydrated, even after washing!

Last but not least, this particular formula also has SPF15. As a skin care specialist, I always told my customers that the number one cause of aging is the sun. I can not stress how important it is to protect your skin, at any age! This product not only protects you from the number one cause of aging, but since it's a shielding lotion, you're also protected from the number two cause; free radicals in the environment. There are so many things that this little bottle of lotion can do, and I can definitely say that I am a fan!

Busy Mom Reviews Blog

"When you hear a product claiming it is a "skin care breakthrough," you may try it and most times its not all its hyped up to be. I had never heard of Skin MD Natural before and was excited to try it. During the winter my hands become extremely cracked and dry and I haven't found many products that cure it.

When I first tried the Shielding didn't feel like a lotion at all! It isn't thick and sticky like most lotions. It is a hydrating, thin, silky and smooth lotion that dries quickly. The bottle says for hands, body and face, but I was hesitant to try it on my face. I get acne easily and lotions sometimes are the cause of it. I replaced my daily moisturizer with the Shielding Lotion before applying makeup and I could tell the difference right away. My makeup didn't feel caked on and my face felt light and airy! I didn't realize my daily moisturizer was weighing me down!

Skin MD Natural really is a "skin care breakthrough," and this is one product I would recommend."

Pasadena, CA

"November 6, 2008: I have been using the original Skin MD Natural formula and it works well for the eczema that I have on my legs, relieves itching instantly, eliminates redness within 3 to 5 days and the irritation (raised patches of skin) becomes smoother and healthy looking. I have also used it on my face, especially on the forehead where the skin is flaky and wrinkles start getting deep. The flakiness is gone in as little as a single day's use and the overall look of the skin very much improved.

While the original formula worked wonders on my eczema and face, it was unable to fully beat the dry skin (actually "alligator skin") on my left elbow. Then I started using the new SPF15 formula, which has a thicker consistency. After just 3 applications the cracks on my elbow closed and the redness was gone. My elbow now has healthy skin that doesn't ache, is not red or cracked or inflamed. The skin is still a bit thicker than the skin on my other elbow and has several dry skin flakes on the surface but it seems to be getting better from the inside out. I will continue using it and let you know of the progress.

November 20, 2008: In just 2 weeks of use of applying it only once a day the skin on my left elbow became absolutely normal. Hurray!

I wear a rhodium bracelet and got severe burning and itching immediately after I put it on. I have been told that rhodium is a so-called "white gold" and does not cause allergic reactions but I do have an allergy to this metal. Out of curiosity I covered my wrist with SMDN before putting the bracelet on and it felt absolutely normal. This lotion has proven its effectiveness once again."

Riga, Latvia

"For many years I had problems with my nails, they were soft and none of the vitamin supplements helped. I started using salted water baths for my nails. It does work but I developed severe dryness and irritation on the skin around the nails, so bad that my skin felt like it was burning. I put some Skin MD Natural + SPF 15 onto the skin, but not on the nail itself, before the procedure and I now have both strong nails and great-looking skin."

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