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The standard guidelines recognized in the industry for Repeat Insult Patch Test involves placing an occlusive patch, which is sealed on all four sides, on an one inch area of skin. This clinical study was conducted using Skin MD Natural on 50 consenting women panelists. The patches are left on for 24 hours. The following day they come back to the lab for an evaluation and another patch is placed on the same area. This process is repeated for nine applications, after which a 10-14 day rest period is given. Each panelist then comes back for a "challenge test" which is done on an adjacent unexposed area of skin. They return to the lab 24 hours later when the patch is removed and evaluated. This is again repeated.

Skin MD Natural did not produce any reaction or sensitivity during the entire trial period on any of the 50 women tested. These clinical trials gives Skin MD Natural the highest hypoallergenic and "safe use" rating.

Date July 29, 2005
CR Ref. No.: RIPT.C0608-A.O.50.GLO.SUMM
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The test material (CR Lab No.: C0608-A; Client No.: Lotion, Product Code No. 7-1A) when tested on 50 panelists under occlusive conditions as described in Appraisal of the Safety of Chemicals in Food, Drugs and Cosmetics, published by The Association of Food and Drug Officials of the United States, may be considered as a NON-PRIMARY IRRITANT and a NON-PRIMARY SENSITIZER to the skin according to the reference. The method also employed nine inductive patchings and not the ten cited in the reference.

Shyla Cantor, Ph.D. 7/29/05
Study Director


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