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Extremely Dry Itchy Skin Can Be Caused By Thyroid Malfunctions.

The general health of your body affects the functioning of your skin and there can be a profound effect on your skin's condition when hormones like the thyroid are not working properly.

Hypothyroid (an under-active thyroid) results in the skin being cold, dry and pale due to a slowing of the metabolic function. The dryness can be so extreme that there is no sweating at all and the palms and soles get thick and dry (keratoderma). Dermatitis (eczema craquelé - a crazy paving splitting of the surface layer) often develops because of hypothyroid dry skin.

An overactive thyroid can cause other skin problems too. The skin on the shins gets thick with raised nodules or plaques due to altered material deposits in the skin. A thickening of the epidermis causes you to get an itchy, dry skin condition.

Skin MD Natural™ is an excellent treatment for these dry skin conditions.

"I developed an overactive thyroid in 1990 and the skin on my shins and my feet became thick, dry and itchy.

I have tried every lotion available for dry skin treatment, to no avail. I often scratched my legs till they bled. Then I found Skin MD Natural. What a relief! My skin is no longer red and itchy all the time.

While I know that there is no medical cure for this condition, with Skin MD my skin is not red, dry and itchy anymore."

Sally F.



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